Choosing a patio umbrella can be confusing, primarily if you have never owned one before. 

The first time you sit outside on a sunny day and feel the heat on your skin, it is easy to understand why everyone wants a patio umbrella.

I was in a rush to pick up my daughter from her friend’s house. Then I remembered that I had visitors coming over. 

I decided to share a drink with them outside and enjoy the day. There were two problems: it was hot, and there wasn’t an umbrella in sight. 

I walked into the nearest store to buy one. A customer in front of me asked if he could help me find anything. 

“Do you have any umbrellas?” I asked him curiously. 

He replied, “Of course! We sell all types of umbrellas!” 

There are so many different types and sizes! How do you know which is suitable for your needs? 

This blog post will guide you through some of those decisions. You will have an umbrella that fits your needs. 

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Section 1: What is A Patio Umbrella and How Does It Work?

A patio umbrella is a furniture piece that provides shade. 

Use it on patios, decks, and outdoor dining areas.

Patio umbrellas come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate most needs. 

For example, patio umbrellas rotate 360 degrees to create the perfect shade for your patio setting. 

There are umbrellas that have extenders that you adjust to provide the perfect umbrella canopy size. 

Some patio umbrellas even have a stand so that you can turn any patio surface into a dining area.

Each has different features, so homeowners need to understand their needs before making a purchase. 

Patio umbrellas with wind sensors are best for areas with high winds.

That is because they will automatically close in strong winds to protect your furniture from damage. 

The lighting feature on some patio umbrellas automatically turns on when it gets dark out.

That provides extra illumination without having to install electric lights around your patio or deck setting.

Section 2: Why You Should Get a Patio Umbrella

There are many benefits of owning patio umbrellas.

Protect Home and Outdoor Furniture with A Patio Umbrella

This furniture piece provides shade and helps protect patio furniture from the sun’s harmful rays and UV light. 

This patio furniture piece also protects outdoor areas from fading from direct sunlight.

You don’t need to install permanent shading features, such as patio awnings or patio walls. 

Many homeowners buy patio umbrellas because they like the idea of efficiently controlling their patio setting with a fast and easy adjustment of positioning, size, and angle. 

Other homeowners enjoy the flexibility that comes with owning patio umbrellas.

Quickly turn any patio into a dining area by simply adding a few chairs and tables under their umbrella. 

Patio umbrellas are also incredibly easy to move around on patios.

An Attractive Addition to Patio Settings

Patio umbrellas can come in various styles, shapes, and colors that homeowners can select.

This patio furniture piece adds color, texture, and shade to patio settings. 

Some patio setups even look like you spent thousands of dollars by adding different features such as lights or wind sensors.

All this for an average price of around $80!

A Patio Umbrella Provides Privacy:

Some patio umbrellas have black-out options that create privacy for your patio setting if you are entertaining guests.

Travel Easily with A Patio Umbrella

This patio furniture piece is great for those with second homes or who enjoy visiting outdoors as a hobby.

That is because patio umbrellas can be taken down and folded up quickly.

Cons of Patio Umbrellas

Like any other artificial item, patio umbrellas also have their drawbacks.

While patio umbrellas do offer privacy, they do not completely shut out the view from the outside. 

Some models even have transparent panels that allow sunlight to penetrate them.

Your patio setting still receives some natural light.

Some homeowners complain about patio umbrella prices since they cost more than other types of furniture.

If you do not store patio umbrellas correctly, they can become damaged due to weather. 

You should bring patio umbrellas in during strong winds and heavy downpours.

That ensures they do not get smashed or tipped over by the wind or rain.

Section 3: Components of a Patio Umbrella

Components of a patio umbrella

The Canopy –

There is usually more than one part of the canopy with “the job” of providing shade. 

Some patio umbrellas have canopies that you can adjust depending on where you place them.

Larger canopies also have a hole in the middle of them to allow airflow underneath.

The Frame –

A patio umbrella’s frame comprises metal poles usually made from aluminum or iron. 

Many patio umbrellas can accommodate up to 7 feet tall users. 

The patio umbrella’s pole depends on if it has just one post- base or many.

The pole attaches a bracket responsible for holding the canopy in place. 

This bracket may be adjustable depending on where you want the canopy positioned. 

Some patio umbrellas have one central pole, while others have multiple bars attached at the top with the help of a centerpiece.

That helps the canopy to be sturdy.

Different patio umbrellas have different frames depending on their size, weight, and how long you can use them.

Remember, those patio umbrellas get in contact with winds of up to about 20 miles per hour. 

If you live in an area with frequent windy days, your umbrella should accommodate them with a solid frame.

The Fabric –

This includes the material that makes up the patio umbrella’s canopy or “hood.” 

It may be polyester or vinyl fabric, while others use some other type of fabric like nylon. 

Some patio umbrellas may also come with more than one fabric across parts of their canopy.

Others may come with printed or woven patterns.

The Feet –

Most bases, typically made from metal, have four “feet” that serve as the stabilization system. 

Some patio umbrellas use a broader base, while others have stand weights to prevent them from tipping over in high winds. 

Depending on your patio’s location and what you think looks best for it, you can adjust these weights.

The Ribs- 

The ribs of patio umbrellas must withstand strong winds. 

Their straightness allows patio umbrellas to resist the effects of heavy wind gusts.

Heavy winds cause other parts to go slack or move about in undesirable ways.

The ribs of patio umbrellas provide for uniform tension across their canopy so it can be sturdy. 

The patio umbrella’s ribs usually have to be re-tightened periodically.

That is especially when exposed to high levels of wind and weather elements. 

That is because the patio umbrella’s fabric will sag under them if not tightened often enough.

Section 4: Different Types of Patio Umbrellas

Different types of umbrellas exist for patio use, and knowing which one you need can help make an informed purchase. 

Below is a guide on the different types of patio umbrellas that exist and their uses:

The Market Umbrella

It is shorter than other patio umbrellas, and it’s perfect for patio dining because of its versatility.

As it sounds, this umbrella fits into market-style ribs found in many patio furniture sets. 

The ribs have flexible fiberglass/plastic, so you don’t have to remove them from patio furniture when storing. 

They come in a variety of colors and styles, depending on the brand purchased. 

Using these umbrellas also makes them easier to store because they fit inside each other.

This umbrella type works excellent, but only if furniture has strong enough ribs to support the weight of the stand when opened and upright.

The Offset Patio Umbrella

Offset patio umbrellas stand independently and are usable with tables and chairs for a matching set. 

They offer more shade than the market umbrella because they have no center pole and stand at an angle. 

Most offset patio umbrellas also come with crank-style opening mechanisms, allowing them to operate almost like rolling doors that open on both sides of the patio table. 

This feature makes it easier to reach under the patio table when seated instead of guests moving chairs to get into the umbrella’s canopy. 

These patio umbrellas can come in various colors and you can purchase in a striped pattern or made from rattan material.

Beach Patio Umbrella 

These patio umbrellas offer 360-degree shade coverage. 

However, they do not come with the crank mechanism for rolling patio tabletops. 

Their center pole is usually thicker than offset poles and quite sturdy. 

They are great if patio furniture has no center post or has strong enough market ribs for an offset patio umbrella because of their larger size.

As patio umbrellas age, their fabric can tear due to wind damage or wear over time. 

Upholstery shops often carry replacement fabrics that may require special treatment before sewing onto the actual frame of the patio umbrella.

If your canopy is more than three years old, it may need replacement soon.

Section 5: Choosing A Patio Umbrella

During patio season, use umbrellas for outdoor events. They also serve as patio furniture when not used in the hot sun. 

When choosing an umbrella, you have to make sure it fits your needs – choose the right size for your patio if you want shade.

As mentioned before, there are many places where you can use patio umbrellas, but when buying one, consider that you will put it on patio tables and chairs at times.

It’s best to choose patio umbrellas that are not too small or big for these types of furniture.

Choosing a patio umbrella is a great way to add appeal to your patio while providing support from sunlight. 

It can also be used as a shade for kids when playing outside in the patio area. 

Umbrella stands can be expensive, and because you’ll get several uses out of them, owning one can save you money in the long run.

Consider What You’ll Be Using the Patio Umbrella For

Shade Options

Know that patio umbrellas come with different shading options – tilt & crank, cantilever patio umbrellas, push-up patio umbrellas, etc. 

These patio umbrellas have unique features that can be beneficial depending on where you will use them.

patio umbrellas with this system attach to a rotating aluminum pole, allowing you to adjust the umbrella’s position for shade. 

Use them on patio tables and chairs because of their stability.

Permanently mount patio umbrellas using cantilever on patio stands or patio tabletops. 

These patio umbrellas are perfect if you want shades over an area above your head, like your patio door or pergola. 

They’re usually more prominent in size than other types of patio umbrellas.

They provide maximum shading coverage, which means more protection from sunlight.

patio umbrellas that use a crank system are the best patio umbrella to shield your patio area from sunlight. 

This patio umbrella type has a continuous pole. The base is moved with one hand while the other holds the umbrella.

You can easily protect yourself from the sunlight without moving furniture around your patio. 

This feature is perfect for patio tables and chairs because you can tilt or turn them in different directions.

It’s also common in umbrellas used during outdoor parties, so people can easily access them.

patio umbrellas using push-up systems are usually found in indoor areas like living rooms, porches, etc. 

Because patio umbrellas are usually giant, these umbrella stands are best for tables and chairs that don’t support cantilever systems.

Take into Account the Size of Your Outdoor Furniture

Patio umbrellas come in different sizes, but you have to consider the measurements of your outdoor patio furniture, too. 

A good rule of thumb is to buy an umbrella that’s about 1-2 feet wider than the table or chair you have. 

Make sure there’s still enough room for people to walk around.

People can get on/off their furniture without getting hit by the umbrella while adjusting its position.

You have to be careful with the patio umbrella you choose because some patio umbrellas do not fit into mini spaces. 

Many of them come with extension rods which help increase patio umbrella size for your deck or tables and chairs.

You need to consider patio umbrella size because you’ll want something that can fit well in your patio or deck. 

You also need to make sure patio umbrella fabric covers patio tables and chairs. 

Otherwise, they can be a waste of money, and they’ll just take up space in your patio area.

Reflect On the Patio Size in Your Patio Umbrella Purchase

Measure the patio where you will use it and measure from where you want the patio umbrella pole to stand. 

If your patio is on a flat surface, allow for a few inches of clearance on each side of the pole.

That gives the patio umbrella room to open and close.

Suppose your patio is on an incline or has a patio table with a higher center of gravity. In that case, you may need a patio umbrella that stands taller than the usual 9-foot patio umbrellas. 

To figure out how tall your patio umbrella needs to be, measure from the patio table edge to where you want the pole to stand.

Next, add 10 inches and determine the patio umbrella pole height from there.

Determine if You Want a Round or Square Shape Patio Umbrella

If your patio umbrella is square or rectangular, measure the length and width of the table. 

If it’s round, measure the diameter.

Then, determine how large you would like your patio umbrella to be by adding an extra 20 percent to that dimension. 

That will ensure that your patio umbrella will extend over most of your patio furniture with some overlap into the surrounding area for increased shade coverage. 

Determine the Patio Umbrella’s Height 

Although patio umbrellas typically extend from 25-40 inches above the patio table, patio umbrellas over 42 inches tall are considered free-standing canopies. 

If patio umbrella height is a concern, measure the patio umbrella poles before selecting one.

Ensure that they reach your desired height without requiring an extra bar. 

Extra Trick

Pick patio umbrellas with adjustable heights. 

Many patio umbrellas include telescoping poles and detachable patio umbrella tops, allowing them to be adjusted depending on your needs. 

If you live in a windy area you might need to lower the patio umbrella every time it’s breezy outside. 

If you control the patio umbrella lighting system by a switch on the patio table or nearby electrical outlet, consider buying patio umbrellas that can be easily lowered as needed.

You won’t have to climb out of your seat each time. 

Let Your Décor Be Your Guide

Most of the time, homeowners make patio umbrellas their main focus when decorating their patio area. 

They usually choose patio umbrellas based on the color scheme they’re using for their patio.

It can either match or complement your current outdoor space design. 

The most common are black and tan because this gives an elegant look, especially when paired with modern-looking wall art or furniture.

Some people go beyond color schemes, choosing unique designs that suit their taste but blend in with the overall patio design.

It’s important to choose patio umbrella designs that will blend well with these patio furniture pieces. 

It can be challenging to choose patio umbrellas because you have to consider the color of the umbrella fabric, the pole color, canopy design, etc. 

You also need to know whether you want lantern-style patio umbrellas and how much space you’re willing to leave between patio umbrellas and patio tables and chairs.

Know What Patio Umbrella You Can Afford

It would help to consider prices when buying patio umbrellas because not all patio umbrellas are made equal. 

There are patio umbrellas that can cost a couple of bucks, and others cost hundreds of dollars.

You have to be sure what your budget is before buying patio umbrellas, so you don’t end up getting a patio umbrella that’s way over your budget.

There are many places to buy patio umbrellas – home improvement stores, department stores, local stores, online shops, etc. 

Please choose the one which provides the best prices within your budget range and most importantly they provide fast delivery times without paying shipping fees. 

Know if Your Patio Umbrella is Waterproof or Water-Repellant

Many homeowners buy different types of patio furniture for their outdoor living areas, but most don’t realize that they won’t last long when they aren’t in use.

For instance, patio tables and chairs with patio umbrella holes need patio umbrellas to protect them from sun damage and water that may drip after rain or heavy dew.

A patio umbrella is also one of the essential items for your patio or deck because it will keep you protected from the heat of the sun while keeping out harmful UV rays. 

Some patio umbrellas can come in waterproof fabric so they won’t get damaged when they get wet.

There are also patio umbrellas made from water-repellent fabric, which can resist moisture but isn’t completely waterproof. 

That type is best for patios and decks covered by awnings and roofs.

Be sure that patio umbrellas protect furniture items from UV rays because they can cause furniture to fade, crack, or even deteriorate. 

Consider the Fabric of Your Patio Umbrella

The patio umbrella fabric is another important factor in choosing patio umbrellas because not all have high-quality material.

It’s best to read reviews about them before making the purchase. 

You have to know what type of environment you’ll be using your patio umbrellas for because some patio umbrellas can’t resist harsh weather conditions.

That means that you need covers if the patio umbrellas may break during heavy typhoons or extreme heat.

Patio umbrellas made with high-quality fabric can withstand heat up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, so you’ll be able to use patio umbrellas all year long – even during summer.

When choosing fabrics, make sure that they’ll protect patio furniture from water and UV rays caused by the sun as well as damage from rain. 

It’s best to choose fabric based on patio umbrella pole color to complement furniture colors.

Determine What Kind of Fabric You Want – Cotton, Acrylic, or Polyester

For patio umbrellas, the most common fabric is acrylic, which allows for minor UV damage to your umbrella. 

They are generally more expensive than cotton or polyesters, but they are also considered better fabrics for solar heat protection. 

All three types of fabrics do not allow much airflow so that all patio umbrellas will be hot on warm days.

They are trendy because they can withstand rain and wind without tearing.

However, cotton patio umbrellas do not protect against UV rays.

Due to the risk of fading from intense sunlight exposure, take down some outdoor furniture with a cotton patio umbrella when not in use. 

Cotton patio umbrellas can handle 85 percent of the UV rays that reach them. 

However, there is still a risk from the other 15 percent, especially if your patio umbrella is left outside for an extended period.

For furniture with a patio umbrella, choose polyester patio umbrellas

They are often used as patio furniture because they have excellent UV protection and allow more airflow than other materials so that you won’t feel as hot under it on warm days.

Polyester patio umbrellas also dry faster than acrylic or cotton patio umbrellas after rain or leaking because these fabrics do not absorb water as much as cotton does. 

The extra airflow that polyester provides makes it easier for patio umbrellas to dry and more accessible for people under patio umbrellas to breathe.

Know Your Patio Umbrella Fabric Color and Pattern Because They Affect Shade

If you choose patio umbrellas with solid colors, then patio furniture will look more attractive underneath them.

That is because patio furniture pieces’ patterns will stand out.

The fabric pattern can also complement the furniture set print so it won’t distract the eye.

When choosing fabric color or pattern, always go for high-quality materials that are fade-resistant. 

It’s best to use fabrics made of synthetic material instead of natural ones, especially when there are harsh weather conditions outside your home.

You’ll get the most out of your furniture set beneath patio umbrellas even after a long time of use. 

It’s also crucial for patio umbrellas to have a cover, so the furniture will last for a long time, even after regularly setting up umbrellas.

If you want more privacy when using patio umbrellas, a privacy lining is a way to go.

Patio furniture underneath patio umbrellas won’t be visible from the outside frame.

The patio umbrella fabric color can also affect shade because darker patio umbrellas give more shade, while lighter ones don’t provide enough shade depending on where you live. 

It’s best to choose patio umbrellas with bright fabric colors like yellow or red because these light colors won’t get dirty quickly – even if birds are flying around your outdoor living space. 

You have to regularly clean before storing patio furniture. If you choose patio umbrellas with dark fabrics, they don’t absorb humidity and become moldy storage.

Know the Diameter of Your Patio Umbrella Pole

Another factor when choosing patio umbrellas is the pole diameter. 

This part holds patio umbrellas firmly in place, so you’ll get an exact shade, especially if there are windy conditions outside. 

The diameter of patio umbrella poles can vary depending on your preferences, but it’s best to choose a diameter that perfectly fits your weight and height. 

If you’re tall, go for poles with a broader diameter because it will be harder for you to tip over than those with narrower diameters. 

On the other hand, if you have a patio umbrella pole that’s too wide for you, then the fabric will be sagging more than it should.

Some homeowners choose patio umbrellas with big poles to get more shade.

Others prefer patio umbrellas with smaller poles for more flexibility.

They can also put two small poles together so it will cover their entire table and chairs set without having to worry about getting burned by the sun or getting wet after rain.

You have to consider the space between your patio tables and chairs, too, because certain patio furniture pieces may not fit through large-diameter poles. 

You also need to know the length of the umbrella pole and the limit of the patio umbrella to make sure patio furniture pieces can fit underneath it.

Know the patio umbrella base diameter to determine how much space you will use for patio umbrellas. 

If you have a lot of furniture on your patio, your umbrella base should be broader or longer so patio umbrellas can support them.

The same thing goes if there are a lot of trees surrounding your outdoor living space.

Choosing Patio Umbrella Pole Materials

There are many options when it comes to pole materials. 

It’s no longer just patio umbrellas made with aluminum or steel because some have fiberglass, wood, resin, plastic, and even bamboo. 

Patio umbrellas made with these materials can last long when appropriately used.

Choosing patio umbrella pole materials is based on the type of exterior design you’re creating.

For instance, patio umbrellas made with wood are best for patio areas with patio furniture made of the same material because they complement each other. 

Meanwhile, patio umbrellas made with bamboo are best for patio areas with furniture made of metal or plastic. 

Fiberglass patio umbrellas are also standard because modern patio furniture with aluminum or steel frames will complement them.

Plastic patio umbrella poles are another option, but you need to check if these types of patio umbrella poles are UV-resistant.

That is important because the plastic materials used may decompose if exposed to heat and sunlight for an extended time. 

You can prevent this by using covers whenever the patio umbrellas aren’t in use.

Choose Between Manual or Electric Operated Patio Umbrella 

Your choice depends on your patio’s location and the difficulty of use. 

The electric patio umbrella also has a remote control to make operation easier.

It is more expensive than the manual patio umbrellas, but it does need batteries replaced eventually. 

A patio umbrella with an automatic opening and closing mechanism is the most convenient model for your patio, especially if kids are around. 

Manual patio umbrellas usually have a push button that opens and closes the umbrella. 

Push the button, pull on the pole, and the patio umbrella opens. 

It is easy to operate but sometimes hard to open when the patio umbrella has been closed for a long time.

For Convenience, Choose a Movable Patio Umbrella

An outdoor patio umbrella with a one-piece pole and base can move around quickly and is easy to store as well. 

Casters come in different materials: plastic wheels, nylon or rubber wheels, ball bearing swivel casters, 3″ lockable wheels. 

You do not have to move the swivel patio umbrella manually- turn the patio umbrella. 

It is better to choose patio umbrellas that can move quickly, even though you may have to spend a little more money on them.

For a Portable Patio Umbrella, add an Outdoor Bag to Store It In.

– If you want furniture with a patio umbrella but do not have space to store it all year round, consider umbrellas designed to fit inside umbrella bags. 

These patio umbrellas can be used on your patio or at the beach and then stored away when not in use, so you will always have something for sunny days outside.

– This option is handy if you live in an area where the weather changes frequently.

 You may need protection from UV rays on a cloudy day or rainstorm one week and sunrays another week without having any storage space at home. 

Portable patio umbrellas also last much longer than fixed patio umbrellas.

Frequently portable outdoor patio umbrellas outlive the patio furniture you use.

Decide on Whether You Want Lights for Nighttime Use

If so, think about how many patio umbrella lights you want. 

Umbrella lights can be placed on the inside or outside of your patio umbrella’s canopy. 

You should also consider if you need a patio umbrella string lights, a lamp, or a post light to light up your patio area at night.

If you desire patio umbrella lights, you will need to buy lights for inside or outside, depending on where you locate your patio.

A light kit is very convenient for patio umbrellas used at night. 

You will need an additional light kit for patio umbrellas placed in areas that need post lights where there are no electrical outlets available.

Patio Umbrella Light Options:

Most styles of outdoor furniture have some kind of built-in patio umbrella lighting. 

The patio umbrellas with full-function remote control lights are the most convenient because after simply pushing a button on the remote, all of your patio umbrella lights will turn on at once. 

Below are some options for patio lighting that you can add to any patio furniture set.

Most patio umbrella lights are installed inside patio umbrellas that have an open-top design or outside patio umbrellas that have a closed-top canopy. 

You can place these solar light kit options on any patio table set. 

They have an included adjustable patio umbrella metal stand and wire cord.

You can also choose to permanently attach them to your existing patio furniture set with screws if desired. 

These lantern-style patio umbrella lights feature an adjustable solar paneled lighting setting for energy efficiency and go well with various outdoor decor styles.

Place these patio umbrella lights on any patio furniture set.

They come with a cordless rechargeable patio light, remote control, and patio umbrella light charger included. 

Evaluate Warranty Lengths and Coverage

Patio umbrellas can be expensive, so making sure you’re buying one that’s going to last is essential. 

Consider purchasing a patio umbrella with a more extended warranty before you head out and buy the first patio umbrella you see. 

If your patio umbrella has a good warranty and is repairable or replaced if damaged, it may be worth the extra money over a patio umbrella that doesn’t have a contract.

Do Some Research to Find Patio Umbrellas for Sale Near You

Whether you’re buying patio umbrellas online or in person, you must know how to look for patio umbrellas that are of good quality. 

Look at patio umbrellas carefully while shopping, and try to identify any poor construction or materials. 

While it’s impossible to tell if patio umbrellas will last by simply looking at them, paying attention during the selection process is still a good idea.

It would help if you also took your time when shopping for patio umbrellas in person. 

You can often find patio umbrellas at large department stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Macy’s, Sears, etc. 

It would help if you inspected patio umbrellas you’re considering buying or asked an employee about their warranties before purchasing one.

If you need your patio umbrella repaired or replaced, consider shopping around before getting frustrated and giving up.

It can be hard to find patio umbrellas that stand the test of time, but it’s certainly not impossible! 

If you’re lucky enough to buy a patio umbrella that doesn’t need replacement after only a few years, then consider yourself an extremely fortunate person. 

However, if your patio umbrella is getting old and needs repair or replacement, don’t give up without having another option in mind. 

There are always other patio umbrellas for sale near you, so keep looking until you find one that suits you well!

Section 6: How to Store a Patio Umbrella When Not in Use

Ever wonder how you were going to store patio umbrellas when the summer season was over? 

If your patio umbrella is not in use, it is wise to know how to store a patio umbrella to last longer. 

There are many patio umbrellas, but most patio umbrellas have certain features that will help you store patio umbrellas for next year. 

A patio umbrella has a rotating feature. 

That means you turn your patio umbrella manually or simply by using your foot so that the fabric of the patio umbrella won’t get worn out. 

Rotating patio umbrellas are popular among consumers because they are very convenient to use.

They come with an auto-rotating feature, especially if installed on concrete surfaces or any smooth surface.

You may install your patio umbrella both indoors and outdoors. 

Installing patio umbrellas indoors are ideal for umbrellas with an auto-rotating feature since it will save room space, especially during winters. 

Installing patio umbrellas inside your house is also a safe way to store patio umbrellas so they can last longer. 

Some patio umbrellas have the feature of tilting or folding up so they can fit in small spaces, and they can easily be stored away until next year’s summer season comes along. 

This feature makes each patio umbrella unique and provides variety to consumers searching for ways to store patio umbrellas when not in use.


When are you buying your patio umbrella? It’s time to buy one, and we’ve got just the correct information for you.

If you want the best deal possible, you must know all about your options and how they work.

We’ve broken down everything for you in this blog post! 

We’ll walk through the components of a patio umbrella, different types of umbrellas, what size is right for your space, choosing an appropriate color palette for your style preferences, and much more. 

Take a look at these fantastic options today before making a purchase.

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