Decorating your Christmas tree can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to go about it. 

It’s that time of year again! The hot chocolate, the lights are twinkling on houses and the Christmas trees. 

I’ve got a Christmas tree and decorations in my trunk, but I’m still not feeling the holiday spirit. And then I see it:

A Mistletoe plant! The perfect addition to my already-perfect tree. Now that feels like a Christmas miracle.

Luckily for you, I’ve got some tips that will make decorating your tree more effortless than ever before!

You can use balls of all sizes and colors, ornaments in every shape imaginable, lights that match your décor, ribbons galore- the possibilities are endless. 

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It will provide you with all the information you’ll need to get a head start on your holiday decorating!

Step 1: Make Sure You Have the Right Christmas Tree

The first step is to find a tree that’s the right height for your space. 

Remember that Christmas trees come in a wide range of heights, from three feet to nine feet. 

The choice is yours according to how much space you have and where you’ll be placing your tree. 

Put down your ladders! Height is critical. 

Christmas trees to decorate the living room or hall if you have a large house should be tall. 

Let’s say 8-9 feet tall trees look best in big rooms. 

For small rooms, 7-8 foot is better. 

Smaller 6-7 foot trees work great in entryways and small foyers.

One more important thing about choosing the tree size – the wider the space, the taller you go with your Christmas tree.

Christmas trees are not cheap, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure your tree is secure. 

Christmas trees should be strong enough not to require staking. Tree stands should come included with Christmas trees. 

It would be best if you securely fixed decorations onto the Christmas tree branches; 

You need to plug Christmas lights into a wall socket rather than place them into sockets built into the Christmas tree itself.

Both large and small ornaments need to be hung using hooks, nails, or sturdy adhesive tape (never pins).

Step 2: Consider the Shape and What Kind of a Christmas Tree You want

If you’re going for a bushy one, then this article probably isn’t for you. 

It’s not too late to run over to the nearest shop and pick yourself up a beautiful Christmas tree. 

You can do pruning if you are working on a budget or if the stores are already closed.

Before starting on decorations, make sure to fluff out the Christmas tree branches and trim off any dead branches.

Think about what kind of Christmas tree will look best for your living room? 

Will you go with an artificial or a real one?

The biggest pro for an artificial one is getting it, decorating it with style, and not worrying about the Christmas tree dying. 

The biggest con of an artificial one is that your tree won’t smell like a Christmas forest, but let’s be honest, winter-smell candles get old pretty quickly.

If you get a real Christmas tree which truthfully is way more fun, then make sure to remember these things. 

Real Christmas trees only last for about three weeks, which means taking care of them often.

Real Christmas trees are expensive too, but there are ways around it. 

You could buy from Walmart or something along those lines where they’re cheaper.

Step 3: Where to Place Your Christmas Tree

Before placing your Christmas tree on a surface, check whether it’s clean and dry. 

If need be, give it a quick sweep or vacuum before decorating.

That will make sure no debris falls off your Christmas presents or keepsakes! 

Although most stores seal Christmas trees, there may still be some needles on surfaces beneath the tree, even if you can’t see them.

Ensure your tree is in a good location – away from heating vents and windows to avoid fire. 

Christmas tree positioned in a corner
Ensure your Christmas tree is in a good location

Christmas tree fires are responsible for causing $35 to $50 million in damage each year, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Step 4: Water Your Christmas Tree

Water is essential! Christmas trees can drink up to one quart of water per day. 

Make sure to water your tree every day. 

Watering Can
Water your Christmas tree often

An easy way to tell if your Christmas tree needs water is to use a moisture meter or feel the base where the trunk meets the stand. 

If it feels moist, there’s no need to water it yet. 

But if it doesn’t, use an indoor plant watering can with a spout attached and fill it with lukewarm water. 

Turn off all lights before adding any water or putting any decorations on you tree because electrical components in Christmas lights pose a fire hazard.

Water can be dyed to more closely resemble the color of your tree, but you must make sure that the dye is non-toxic and safe for Christmas trees. 

You should add water to Christmas tree stands daily or every other day. ​

Step 5: What You Need

To decorate your Christmas tree, you’ll need a ladder, probably two depending on the size of the tree.

You will use ladders to hang items, so they aren’t touching the floor. That is mainly for safety purposes. 

Hanging items evenly around the tree is something else you have to keep in mind. 

It would be best if you had more hanging items at one end than at another. That makes it easier to camouflage any uneven hanging. 

Step 6: Choose a Theme

You can use a theme when decorating your Christmas tree.

It could be a specific color scheme, a particular design, or Christmas characters. 

You can decorate Christmas trees with Christmas movies such as Christmas carols, Christmas trains, or Christmas stories.

Choosing a theme for your Christmas tree will make the decoration process much easier and more fun! 

Also, Christmas themes are great Christmas conversation starters. 

Add little extras to your tree like: 

– Presents 

– Ornaments that have a meaning for you 

Christmas trees look more festive if decorated with little things that give them some extra cheer and beauty! 

Such as presents under the tree on Christmas morning or your Grandma’s hand-made ornament from when she was young. 

Adding small details like this will make your tree even more beautiful! 

You could also put both old and new decorations on your Christmas tree if you want but know that it will take longer than usual to finish decorating.

There are so many different Christmas decorations to choose from that you can’t go wrong no matter what decorations you use.

Step 7: Add Lights to Your Christmas Tree

The tree should always be the star of Christmas, not Christmas lights.

Christmas lights are a pro to Christmas trees but also act as another decoration for your tree. 

You must check your lights before putting them on your Christmas tree. 

Add lights to your tree
Christmas lights strings!

All Christmas light strings will have a tag attached with an Energy Guide Label or a Light Facts Label. 

These labels will provide you with important information about how much energy the Christmas lights will use and how much they will cost to operate, as well as the estimated amount of time they will last. 

You can use this information to decide whether or not your lights meet Energy Star qualifications and if it is cost-effective for you to leave them on during daylight hours.

If your Christmas lights are not Energy Star qualified, you should only leave them on for four to five hours’ maximum.

Make sure to get LED Christmas lights so you don’t have to worry about changing them because they should last until next Christmas. 

What makes Christmas lights an even better decoration is that you can put them on timers.

When it’s dark out, your Christmas tree will automatically light up, which means fewer things you need to do around the house.

If you have small children, then Christmas lights are a great way to keep them occupied throughout the Christmas festivities.

Be sure to check your lights before putting them on your Christmas tree because sometimes they need to be replaced if one bulb is out.

Step 8: Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Ornaments

Another great way to decorate your tree with style is through ornaments and other decorations like toys and string lights.

Christmas ornaments tend to vary. Christmas ornaments include balls, stockings, stars, bells, Christmas angels, snowflakes, candy canes, wreaths, and candle holders. 

Different ornaments
Decorate Your Christmas Tree with ornaments

Designers make Christmas ornaments from glass, straw, or strawberry leaves, tinsel, or tinsel garland.

They can also use clay or clay figures or cloth of different shapes and sizes.

Suspend ornaments by tying them onto branches with ribbon. 

It’s a simple way of injecting Christmas sparkle and color into your tree.

Please take this opportunity to go crazy with taking pictures of your tree while you set it up and as Christmas approaches because you never know when a good picture opportunity will arise.

What to Do If You Can’t Afford to Buy Ornaments

If you do not purchase Christmas ornaments, you can always make your own ornaments at home using paper, plastic bags, fruit, seeds, beans, etc. 

If you decide to use paper materials to make Christmas ornaments, there are many types of paper you could try out.

Such as newspaper cut-outs for Santa Claus faces, construction papers in bright colors for colorful flowers, etc., 

You could also do colored printer papers or bookmarks with messages printed on them for hanging on Christmas trees.

Recycle old newspapers into new-looking paper balls with paint, glitter, glue sticks, etc. 

These make beautiful ornaments with a little bit of effort from your end! 

You can make snowflake Christmas tree decorations by using glitter and glue with scissors.

Snowflakes come in many different shapes and sizes so that they will look beautiful hanging from almost anywhere on your Christmas tree. 

You could even make a garland out of the snowflakes if you wanted to! 

If you’re looking for high value for money for DIY ornament kit alternatives, purchase plain glass balls in different sizes at the local craft store. 

Paint them however you want them to suit your and home interior design theme. 

You can paint Christmas trees, Christmas gift boxes, or Christmas bells on glass balls. 

Apply glitters to create some sparkle.

What to Remember When Hanging Ornaments

When hanging ornaments on your Christmas tree, you must turn them evenly around the tree so that they do not leave large areas without Christmas ornaments. 

Hanging Christmas ornaments evenly throughout the tree will cover up any bare spots which don’t have any Christmas ornaments, and this will give a more uniform look to your Christmas tree.

The best Christmas trees are fully symmetrical with full, lush branches that can hold lots of ornaments. 

The tree should be attractively shaped and decorated with lights and ornaments to the owner’s taste. 

Make ornaments in Christmas shapes and sizes from natural materials like pinecones, cinnamon sticks, or apples to give your Christmas tree a creative touch.

Step 9: Use lots of Different Colors on Your Tree 

Decorate Christmas trees in red, green, gold, and white. 

These colors are great for Christmas, but if you want your tree to stand out, it’s good to add more color on the tree-like blue or silver.

That will make your tree stand out with even more color and Christmas cheer.

Don’t be afraid to experiment when decorating your tree; try new things! 

If you want to use something unusual, don’t worry about it. 

It would be a shame not to decorate your Christmas tree because others might think it won’t look nice, which could be further from the truth!

Step 10: Use Neutral Colors for Your Tree Skirt

Use neutral colors for your tree skirt to create a cohesive look. 

Skirts can be decorated in many ways, making it much easier to find one that will match your decor or create a cohesive look. 

If you don’t want to buy a skirt, make your own with fabric and ribbon for a personal touch. 

Your tree should sit in a location where everyone entering the house can easily see it. 

A large window is perfect because natural light from outside shows the glittering tree to full effect.

If you have young children, secure your Christmas tree in place using garden stakes and plant ties.

That will prevent accidents, especially if the base is not very heavy.

Step 11: Add Tinsel

Add tinsel to your Christmas tree to make it glitter. 

To do this, start by taking the tinsel out of the box and shaking it gently to remove any loose strands that would tangle up with other tinsels. 

Then carefully unwrap the tinsel strand from its wire form. 

Keep the piece you are wrapping on top so you can undo any tangles as you go along. 

Once you have a manageable length while holding one end of the tinsel, use your other hand to start at the base of the tree and smooth out any tangles. 

Then, working your way up the tree, cover it in tinsel. 

If you are having difficulty getting behind parts of the tree with your fingers, try using a fork or tongs to hold onto sections that are difficult to reach. 

If you need to cover bare parts or don’t have many branches growing from them, use extra pieces of tinsel in those areas. 

Secure each end by tying a loose knot at the bottom. Keep going until all sides of your tree have been covered in tinsel. 

You may want to add green Christmas decorations such as Christmas beads or balls between the tinsel. 

Step 12: Add Some Natural Elements to Give The tree an Organic Feel

Decorate branches with items like cinnamon sticks for a warm, spicy scent.

Pinecones to give it that outdoorsy feel or even apples if you want to add some color. 

You can also attach Christmas ornaments onto the branches to your liking.

Add some greenery with garland and wreaths. 

Christmas garland and wreaths add sparkle to your tree. 

Crafting a Wreath For Christmas
A woman is crafting a wreath for Christmas.

You can make wreaths of evergreen branches, holly, pine cones, velvet ribbon or beads, and lights. 

You can cut branches from local trees or shrubs or purchase garlands and wreaths ready-made at Christmas stores.

Step 13: Add Some Greenery to Your Christmas Tree to Give it a Natural Look

Add some fresh greenery to your tree this year with a few pine cones and baubles. 

That is the easiest way to make your tree look elegant and stylish.

If you want to decorate your tree, you will need:

– A Christmas tree 

– Pine cones. Look for ones that are symmetrical and don’t have any brown spots 

– Some baubles. Pick up some cheap ones from discount stores.

Here’s what you need to do:

Clean each of the pine cones by wiping them gently with a damp cloth.

Allow them to dry completely before continuing.

You can then arrange them on your Christmas tree however you like! 

If You Don’t Have Regular Pine Cones:

You can make a paper cone template to get pine cones of exact sizes for your tree.

Draw around one of the pine cones onto paper, then cut it out. 

Trace around this template with different colored pencils or pens and cut each shape out to get various-sized decorations!

Lastly, arrange some baubles in between the tree.

hanging baubles on a Christmas tree
Arrange baubles in between your Christmas tree!

Christmas crackers are another easy Christmas decorating idea you can use this year. 

Place the Christmas cracker next to some baubles on your tree for an elegant addition to style! 

Don’t forget the Crackers!

Make sure to decorate your tree with style! 

Enjoy all that Christmas has to offer this year, and don’t forget about taking pictures so you can show people how you decorated your tree with style!


What does it feel like now that you are ready for Christmas? 

You have your tree, decorations, and ornaments. 

It feels great. 

We hope you enjoyed our blog post on how to decorate a Christmas tree. 

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Happy decorating and merry Christmas!

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