A master bedroom is a place where you can relax, but it’s also the room where you get ready for your day. 

I walk into my house, and the overwhelming smell of crayons immediately greets me. 

Somehow, there’s a rainbow-colored streak on the wall above my bed. 

And then I notice toys all over the floor.

I have to admit, it all looks adorable now that I’ve seen it for the first time, but now it’s just stressing me out. 

It feels like this room is too small to hold everything! 

There are so many choices in front of me. Should I start with shelving units? A rug? Curtains? 

Where do you even start decorating your bedroom when you’re not living at home anymore?

You have a bedroom to decorate! You know, the place your partner spends most of their time when they’re not at work. 

The place where you sleep and cuddle every night. 

It’s a room that needs some love and attention. 

Follow these 11 steps for a great space that will make your spouse feel like royalty when they come home from work! 

Step 1: Choose Your Style

A master bedroom should be luxurious, comfortable, and relaxing. 

Master bedrooms are known for their large size, and because of this, they’re often used to double as an office or sitting area. 

The style you choose will depend on your preference but should reflect your personality, lifestyle, and the rest of your home’s decorating scheme.

Below are some ideas that might give you a clue:

Traditional Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Traditional Master Bedroom
Traditional master bedroom style

A traditional bedroom is classic and elegant. 

Decorate such bedrooms with dark, rich colors like burgundy, navy blue, deep reds, browns, and purples. 

Traditional master bedrooms often don’t have any windows or very few windows, if any at all; they offer privacy and intimate space. 

Master bedrooms may also include large fireplaces, which provide both warmth and an extra touch of elegance.

Modern Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A modern Master bedroom is sleek and stylish. 

Master bedrooms decorated in a modern design scheme appear to be tranquil and relaxing.

A designer will light them with natural light by adding large windows that let in natural views of the outdoors. 

Master bedrooms decorated in a modern design scheme often feature neutral colors like whites, grays, tans and creams.

Black and white modern master bedroom - 3d rendering
Modern master bedroom

They may also incorporate darker colors like blacks and deep blues for accents along with sleek, modern furniture pieces. 

Rooms decorated in a modern design scheme also feature many on-trend accessories like lighting fixtures, artwork (often on the walls), etc.

Eclectic Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Design an eclectic Master bedroom with many different styles that still come together to create one cohesive design. 

Master bedrooms look great when the colors are bright but don’t have to be all bright colors – they can include darker accents! 

Master bedrooms sometimes include a sitting area or an office space depending on the style you’ve chosen.

Unlike modern bedrooms, there’s usually more than one window in an eclectic master bedroom. 

If you choose this type of Master bedroom decorating idea, I suggest including some unique accessories like artwork, furniture, lighting fixtures, etc.

Country Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A country Master bedroom is casual and cozy. 

Master bedrooms in a country style usually include soft colors like yellows, greens, light browns, blues, creams, etc. 

A country style often has large windows to let in the views of the outdoors and their surrounding landscapes. 

Such bedrooms may also include more accessories that help bring out that rustic feel.

Such accessories could be wooden dressers or headboards, rustic paintings/prints/artwork on the walls, and furniture pieces featuring wood grain.

Asian Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

An Asian design scheme is very opulent and ornate. 

They usually feature red or black walls. 

Master bedrooms decorated in an Asian style often include ornate furniture pieces like four-poster beds, heavy drapery or curtains, etc. 

An Asian style also includes many accessories like artwork, vases with flowers/plants, etc.

Step 2: Figure Out Your Master Bedroom’s Purpose

Once you’ve chosen your style, then it’s time to think about how you’re going to use the Master bedroom. 

Will guests stay in the bedroom? If so, you’ll want to choose a Master bedroom design that includes an extra bed, etc. 

Do you plan on working from home and being in the Master bedroom frequently? 

Charming young woman using laptop in the master bedroom
Will you be working from home? You might need to set up an office area

You may want to consider including a small office or sitting area as well as ample closet space. 

Maybe you don’t have much storage space elsewhere in your home, and because of this, your Master bedroom will be used for storage instead. 

Knowing the purpose of your Master bedroom will help guide both your color decision and how much storage/sitting/office space you may want.

Step 3: Set a budget

Master bedrooms aren’t cheap. 

If you can’t afford to redo the entire room, make one part of it memorable. 

Create a budget

Painting a wall or adding an expensive rug are great ways to bring some luxury into your bedroom without the price tag.

If you want to turn your master bedroom into more than just a place for sleep, dedicate an area specifically for certain activities. 

A comfortable chaise lounge in front of a fireplace is perfect for reading at night, while an overstuffed recliner near a window would be ideal for quiet afternoon naps.

Step 4: Consider the Size of Your Space

Your Master bedroom size should get factored into your decorating ideas. 

A Master bedroom that is small in size can get away with more miniature furniture, while Master bedrooms that are larger will require more decorating ideas. 

Master Bedroom furniture for smaller Master bedrooms may include one large bed, a dresser, and an armoire.

Those with more extensive floor plans should consider adding additional nightstands, dressers, etc.

Closets can be smaller in size in Master bedroom decorating ideas, but they still need to reflect the owner’s functionality and storage space preferences. 

They should have enough room for clothes and any other items you’d like to keep organized. 

Master closet doors are usually mirrored or have frosted glass inserts, so privacy is usually not an issue.

Step 5: Decide on Master Bedroom Accent Colors

Accent colors are a great way to add personality and style to a Master bedroom without going overboard. 

Master bedrooms usually have accent colors in the accessories, so I suggest choosing two additional accent colors. 

The Master bedroom isn’t the place to go wild with your color scheme so choose carefully! 

You can use accents in your decorating ideas such as throw pillows, light fixtures, curtains, etc. 

Here are some popular color combinations: 

Navy Blue and White Pink 

Master Bedroom in navy colors. Big comfortable double bed in elegant classic room.
Master Bedroom in navy blue accent colors.

Orange Gold and Gray Green 

Beige Turquoise Blue and Tan Brown

Or Black Accents

Step 6: The Master Bedroom’s Flooring

Now that you’ve chosen your style and decided on some accent colors, it’s time to decide what type of flooring you want. 

Add Carpeting, however, if yours is a modern Master bedroom, the likelihood of having tile or hardwood floors increases vastly. 

Master bedrooms with tile or hardwood floors will typically have a soft rug in the Master bedroom for extra warmth and style.

Here’s a list of Master Bedroom flooring ideas:

– Carpet floors:

Choose a darker color so that any dirt shows less quickly. 

Grey carpet on the floor at home
Carpeted Master Bedroom(dull color)

If you have a light-colored carpet, it can be challenging to hide stains, especially if you have pets! 

But don’t worry because there are plenty of modern carpets in darker colors. 

If you aren’t planning on having much furniture in your Master bedroom, this might be a good option.

– Hardwood or tile floors 

You may want to add area rugs in dark colors to add some softness. 

Dark rugs can help hide any dirt or stains that may occur while at the same time adding a touch of warmth to your decorating ideas.

If you want a luxurious flooring idea, then choose a plush area rug in a light color [or white]. 

This way, you’ll have no problems with dirt and will still have that Master bedroom look but with added comfort.

Step 7: The Master Bedroom’s Ceiling

The ceiling is another area that can dramatically affect the mood of a space. 

Design your Master bedrooms to create an inviting atmosphere, but there are many ways to achieve this effect. 

The great thing about a bedroom ceiling is that it’s low enough to have a cozy, enclosed feeling while high enough not to feel cramped. 

If your Master Bedroom has a slanted or vaulted ceiling, you should paint the underside of the roof in color darker than the other walls.

That will create an illusion of height and add depth to the room. 

If your Master Bedroom does not have this type of ceiling, paint your Master Bedroom wall with either an off-white or light blue color for an airier look. 

Master Bedrooms also make excellent display space for stunning chandeliers and wall accessories like mirrors and art, but be sure to hang these items proportionately.

Have trouble figuring out what kind of ceiling treatment would work best in the area above your bed? 

If so, using traditional molding paired with a rich paint color is a great way to achieve a Master Bedroom that’s both cozy and chic.

Step 8: Let’s Talk About Coloring

After choosing a style that best suits your taste, figure out which colors will complement it. 

Master Bedrooms are all about luxury, so rich colors like gold and silver will suit any Master Bedroom style. 

Pastels of Gold and Silver
Gold/ silver painting adds a luxurious feel to your master bedroom

On the other hand, you can also decorate master Bedrooms in subtle hues like light blue or off-white to create an airier feel.

Select warm colors such as orange and yellow for artwork and accessories if you’re going for a modern look.

You can also use clean and simple lines to create a contemporary and cool Master Bedroom.

When selecting bedding, make sure you find something that matches whatever color you choose as well as the Master bedroom’s overall design. 

For example, if you’re going with a modern look, choosing elegant and clean bedding with solid lines would be good. 

If your Master Bedroom has an old Hollywood flair, then lavish silk drapes are just what you need to complement this theme.

Step 9: Select Lighting Options with Care

You can use Master bedrooms for reading or relaxing in the evening, so make sure you have good lighting available. 

Lighting is vital in any environment and doubly so in Master Bedrooms. 

Master bedrooms require three types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent lighting. 

Ambient lighting provides general illumination throughout the whole room and helps set the mood. 

Task lights provide directional light allowing one to complete more specific tasks such as grooming or reading a book by focusing on that area below it. 

Accent lamps bring attention to an object or area by putting light on it and leaving everything else in shadows.

Master Bedroom with yellow accents lamps
Yellow accent lamps

Lighting is an important consideration when decorating any bedroom room but can prove especially valuable in master bedrooms.

Don’t underestimate the power of better lighting fixtures to help improve your quality of life!

Step 10: Choose Furniture & Accessories

Now that you’ve chosen your style and figured out how to use the Master bedroom,

It’s time to decide what type of furniture is going to work best. 

Mirrors are a great way of introducing light into this space, which you can use to your advantage if you wish to bounce some light around during the daytime.

Fresh flowers are always an excellent choice if you want immediate gratification, but other options are too. 

Fresh flowers in vase
Fresh flowers supply both sight and scent!

If it’s warm enough to sit outside now that the weather is finally nice, start growing vines or flowering plants to add some green to your room. 

If not, fill a bowl with pebbles and candles for a subtler touch of nature indoors.

Types of Master Bedroom Furniture

– An Armoire 

It is another option for Master bedrooms that need more storage space. 

However, they aren’t as practical as chifforobes or dressers because they don’t have drawers. 

Instead, they tend to house hanging clothes, which aren’t always the most practical, especially if you’re short on closet space! 

If you do choose an armoire piece, be sure to consider using it for decorative purposes as well – preferably with mirrors!

– A Vanity Table 

It is another furniture option that can work well in Master bedrooms that need extra storage or include a sitting area. 

Vanities typically come with drawers and cabinets, so they’re great for storing clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, perfumes, etc. 

I suggest choosing a vanity with an oval shape so that it has a more elegant appearance.

– Nightstands

If you enjoy reading before falling asleep, then nightstands are the best Master bedroom furniture for you! 

Nightstands are practical because they include drawers and cabinets perfect for storing books, alarm clocks, remotes, lotions, candles, etc. 

Nightstand with vase with plant and candles
A Nightstand decorated with a plant vase and some candles

You might want to put lamps on them and other valuable items such as emergency kits and picture frames containing family members’ faces. You can also put journals to write down thoughts and feelings, a water bottle for staying hydrated, and more!

Nightstands can work well in any Master bedroom decorating ideas that need extra storage but don’t have room for a Master vanity or armoire.

-Plush Rug

If you want to add comfort and warmth to your decorating ideas while saving space, then you can choose a plush rug.

Rugs tend to be soft, plush, and very comfortable! 

A photo of a lady stepping on a white plush rug
A white plush rug. Very soft on feet!

Master bedrooms with rugs can still use furniture such as nightstands and dressers.

Move them off the rug.

– Dresser/ Chifforobe

A master dresser is necessary for storing clothes and acting as an entertainment center. 

Master dressers and chifforobes typically come in one of three varieties: 

Those with more drawers than doors, those with more entries than drawers, and those with equal amounts of both.

Doors on Master bedroom dressers are great for hiding clutter.

Open shelves on chifforobes, on the other hand, are great for decorative items such as photo frames or vases.

Design most dressers to match your Master bedroom furniture.


Master bedrooms that prefer to include a sitting area should consider choosing a Master bedroom bench or ottoman. 

They’re cozy and practical if your Master bedroom includes space for it. 

Just keep in mind that you’ll probably have a limit on Master bedroom storage space, so only choose the Master bedroom furniture that you need most.

-A Chest

A chest is yet another option for Master bedrooms, especially if you’re short on floor space or need extra storage. 

If you choose to use a chest Master bedroom piece, then make sure to select one with at least six drawers.

The more the drawers, the better, so it has lots of room for storage!

-The bed

Finally, we come to the bed. 

The last thing to decide is what type of bed you want for your Master bedroom, whether it’s a canopy bed, sleigh/canopy bed, King size bed, etc. 

You can decorate your Master bedroom’s bed with several Master bedroom decorating ideas such as shams, a decorative headboard, etc. 

Master bedroom bedding sets usually have a theme, so if you’re going to add furniture, I suggest finding a bedding set that goes with your Master bedroom design. 

If you plan to do all or most of the work yourself, choose sheets and comforters in colors that fit your Master bedroom decorating ideas!

Step 11: Start Decorating Your Master Bedroom

Start with putting on some music if you haven’t already.

Work Order Tasks:

  1. Hang up art in the master bedroom
  2. Set up nightstands
  3. Get rid of clutter 
  4. Clean Master Bedroom 
  5. Paint your master bathroom and bedroom 
  6. Fix the ceiling and add your chosen lighting options
  7. Next up is the floor
  8. Set up the bed and other furniture items 
  9. Add beddings and some candles by the bedside

Make sure to take a step back and admire your hard work.

man having fast food at home in the master bedroom on bed
Congratulations for the job well done. It’s time to enjoy

Chances are you are really famished after all that work! 

However, if you aren’t too hungry yet, it might be time for a bath in your Master Bathroom. 

A nice hot bath filled with bubbles can get you feeling relaxed before bedtime.

Once it’s finally bedtime, get under the covers of your new Master Bed and drift off into the best Master Sleep ever!


You’ve been working hard to take care of your family, and now it may be time for you to make a little something for yourself. 

The master bedroom is one place that will give you the space and comfort you need to relax after a long day. 

Take some time this week. Maybe on Saturday morning before the kids wake up from their slumber.

Get started on designing your ideal master suite. 

We have all sorts of decorating tips, including colors, textures, patterns, and styles, so don’t worry about feeling overwhelmed! 

When was the last time you had a bedroom makeover?

How about now?! 

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