Choosing A Dishwasher (An In-Depth Guide)


The dishwasher debate has raged for decades. Do you go with the tried and true top-load model, or try out the front-loading variety?   What about a portable dishwasher to take when you’re on vacation?  I have to admit; this topic is one of my favorites.  It’s like picking out a new outfit for your kitchen, […]

15 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances for The (Busy Cook)

Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are the unsung heroes of any home.  Take it from Oprah. She has her line of kitchen appliances and loves them so much that she gave one set away on her show!  You’re a mom. You have your hands full with little ones, work, school, and other commitments.  There’s never enough time in […]

Home Theatre: A Comprehensive Guide

boyfriend-and-girlfriend-watching-movie-via-home theatre

Home theatre is a great way to enhance your home entertainment. When they were making my new house, I was excited to tell them about all the things I wanted in it.  One of those things was a home theatre. It took me forever to find out how it worked to set up an incredible […]

Smart Homes Technology: 13 Visionary Gadgets

pretty-blonde-woman-using-digital-tablet-smart-home technology

This guide will show you a number of smart homes technology you can start using right away to maximize comfort. The human brain is apt to forget even on the most common of tasks but, research shows that forgetting is helpful to the brain. A smart home comes with an extensive list of preprogrammed devices […]