New Year Wish List: Home Improvement Ideas


As the new year begins, many people make resolutions to better themselves.  That usually includes improving their health, relationships, and finances.  But what about your home? Why not use the start of a new year as an opportunity to give your house a fresh look?  Dave was standing in his kitchen when he noticed that […]

Home Builders (A Complete Guide)

Home builders analyzing documents in a building site a

Home Builders are a crucial part of the home building and design process.  When you think about it, they’re creating an entire community just for your family.  As if that wasn’t enough responsibility, they have to make sure all the homes in their neighborhood blend seamlessly.  It’s no wonder why so many people are intimidated […]

23 Master Bedroom Ideas That Increase Home (Value)

home value

Master Bedroom Ideas can be as traditional as king size bed, armoire, and drapes, or as contemporary as a lofted space with views of downtown. I stood in front of the mirror, adjusting my shirt and tie just to make sure I looked presentable for this deal.  My hair styled nicely and my suit fresh […]

Building Your Own Home? 25 Things to (Avoid)


If you’re thinking about building your own home, then this blog is for you.  I set out on a quest to build my dream home, but the list of 25 things I needed to avoid was endless.  Don’t build your house too close to the water? Check. Avoid creating a home on a slope? Check.  […]

The Insider’s Guide to (How to Save For a House)


If you read one article about how to save for a house, read this one. Every Wednesday morning for over a year, I had turned up for my exercise class – at the Surrey Quays leisure center in London.  The door would be open, but I would be the only member exercising.  Even if I […]