Master Bedroom Ideas can be as traditional as king size bed, armoire, and drapes, or as contemporary as a lofted space with views of downtown.

I stood in front of the mirror, adjusting my shirt and tie just to make sure I looked presentable for this deal. 

My hair styled nicely and my suit fresh from the dry cleaners. 

It may have been a while since I cleaned up like this, but it was worth it to sell my house in such a momentous occasion!

I was about to get into the car when one last thought crossed my mind: what if they didn’t like it? What if they wanted something different? 

Maybe some new furniture or renovations or something else entirely? 

That wouldn’t be so bad, though- after all, redoing things would mean more money in my pocket at the end of everything. 

But on second thought, maybe not.

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, it’s essential to make sure that you furnish your master bedroom in a way that will get potential buyers excited. 

Read on for some great ideas!  

Create an Oasis with Natural Light

Natural light coming through big glass door
Natural light adds an airy feel

One of the easiest ways to create a spa-like feel in your master bedroom is simply by letting natural light spill through your windows. 

Large windows will bring more light into the room and add an airy feel to the master bedroom. 

Ensure that your windows will allow in plenty of natural light.

If you do not have large windows, draw attention away from the windows and create a focal point elsewhere in the master bedroom with stylish lamps or other features.

Create a Variety of Lighting for Different Tasks in Your Master Bedroom Ideas

That ensures that you have the correct light to suit your needs at any hour. 

In general, natural lighting is best between 9 am-5 pm, while you should use accent and decorative lighting from 5 pm onwards.

Use Lighting to Create the Appearance of a Larger Master Bedroom

Utilizing different types of light inside the Master Bedroom based on your preferences can make your bedroom appear more prominent.

Natural light during the day makes you feel more awake and energetic.

Consider purchasing window coverings that do not block too much sunlight from entering the Master Bedroom. 

Bright artificial lighting might be preferable sometimes.

Consider adding additional tasks or ambient lighting fixtures.

Ambient lighting works for master bedroom ideas
Ambient lighting works too!

They fully illuminate the room even when daylight hours are over. 

Either way, remember to use lighting in moderation not to overwhelm the Master Bedroom’s interior design.

Replace all Light Bulbs with LED Lights

LED bulbs are much more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

That Increases your home’s value 

However, LED lights are only effective in the Master Bedroom if you turn them on for most of the day. 

Are you concerned about your Master Bedroom’s long-term energy efficiency because you use it sparingly or not throughout the day and night?

Consider purchasing a motion sensor to automatically turn on and off your Master Bedroom’s LED lights when you enter and leave. 

That provides an easy way to keep your Master Bedroom bright during the night without wasting unnecessary energy by keeping light bulbs running for no reason!

Extra Tips:

Put a thermostat on your Master bedroom heater/AC unit to increase efficiency.

Replace any windows that don’t wholly contain the sun from shining in with wood-grain blinds at night and light curtains during the day.

Install a Master Bedroom ceiling fan for increased efficiency and different cooling options.

Don’t forget to seal your Master Bedroom windows from the inside after you clean them! 

That will reduce drafts and save energy costs.  

In addition, they’ll be easier to clean next time around because of the reduced amount of dirt and dust.

Paint Your Bedroom a Calming, Relaxing Color

The color you choose for your master bedroom ideas should be a flattering match to your skin tone. 

If you’re warm-toned, paint the room in a yellow or chestnut style.

Cool-toned individuals will benefit from lighter blue tones. 

Blue master bedroom ideas
blue is an effective color in increasing your home’s value

Green and blue are said to be the most effective colors in increasing a home’s value.

Create an Accent Wall with Paint, Wallpaper, or Even Fabric! 

An accent wall is perfect for adding depth to what could potentially be four bland walls of the same color.

It also adds contrast if the rest of the room isn’t very colorful on its own. 

Framing your new favorite piece of art on this wall is another good idea. Make sure there’s enough lighting to keep it well-lit at all times.

If you want to add some excitement and dimensionality to your Master Bedroom Ideas, add an accent wall with dark purple paint for a rich look that makes the space seem more luxurious.

Add a Large Mirror to Your Master Bedroom Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

Master bedrooms that include a large mirror above the bed, dresser, or nightstands will look more spacious and feel much more extensive

Add a large mirror to your list of master bedroom ideas
A large mirror makes the room feel spacious

It is a great way to open up the room and give it a more luxurious feel!

Add mirrors throughout your Master Bedroom Ideas for a luxurious look. 

Mirrors are an easy way to make even smaller rooms appear much more extensive. 

Place them on your wall opposite your windows for maximum reflection effects. 

Mirrors placed opposite each other will also create an illusion of another dimension in the room, making it seem even more extensive! 

Make sure to use floor-length mirrors when hanging against long walls for this exact reason.

Master Bedroom Ideas: Ensure Your Room Has Less Clutter

I like to keep my master bedroom organized and tidy even though I use it for relaxing and enjoying myself at the end of the day. 

A master bedroom should reflect this same feeling.

Use furniture pieces that can accommodate both formality and relaxation, such as a tufted leather headboard (used during the day) and silk sheets (used for sleeping). 

Pair plush fabrics with sleek modern lines to create a relaxing Master bedroom. 

Master Bedrooms with less clutter and more opportunities for relaxation will increase the value of your Master bedroom.

Add a Ceiling Fan to Your Master Bedroom Ideas

A ceiling fan is important for your master bedroom ideas
A ceiling fan!

That will update the room’s feel. 

Many Master Bedrooms are reasonably large, so it can be hard to keep them cool when the sun starts beating down on you during the day. 

A ceiling fan will help circulate air in the Master Bedroom and make it more comfortable for you to sleep in at night.

You won’t have to use a noisy window AC unit that will rarely fit in this space.

For rooms that have tall ceilings, consider using flush mount lighting or sconces. 

That is an excellent way of adding light while maintaining functionality when you don’t want bright overhead light shining in your eyes when trying to relax or sleep at night.

Add Eco-Friendly Bedding Sets to Your Master Bedroom Ideas

Using eco-friendly bedding sets can improve air quality in your Master Bedroom.

For example, many companies manufacture eco-friendly bedding sets from natural materials such as cotton or wool. 

These natural materials help people with asthma and allergies.

They release negative ions into the Master Bedroom’s air, destroying excess positive ions as well as other microscopic pollutants.

Negative ions are often associated with fresh air, which you want in order for your Master Bedroom to stay clean and healthy!

Add Extra Storage to Your List of Master Bedroom Ideas

If your Master bedroom lacks enough space for your clothes, furnishings, or other belongings, you can build some storage units.

Built-in wardrobe open with mirror doors in the corridor of an apartment
Extra space is necessary

They are either built into the walls or on the side of the Master bed. 

Create more closet spaces by installing sliding doors rather than hinged doors to clear up floor space. 

When building drawers underneath your Master bed, leave some extra room so you can tuck away small items without having to rummage through every drawer. 

Master bedrooms that are organized and spacious will increase the value of your home.

Use Master Bedroom Ideas Like Curtains to Add Privacy and Style   

Master bedroom curtains are not just for decoration.

They can serve many other purposes in the Master bedroom, including privacy and heat insulation. 

Plantation shutters are popular Master bedroom window treatments that not only deliver privacy but can also add style to your Master bedroom décor. 

If you do not like shutters or blinds, opt for room darkening shades that block out light during the day.

Shades still allow you to see outside at night when illuminated by street lamps or neighbors’ outdoor security lights. 

Curtains in a master bedroom. Master bedroom ideas
Your curtain color should complement your master bedroom’s color theme

The color of the curtain fabrics matters too because they should blend and compliment the Master bedroom’s color scheme, furniture, and any other décor. 

You can go for light or dark colors depending on your Master bedroom décor.

Add Dark Colored Furniture to Provide Balance

When decorating the Master Bedroom, homeowners should use colors on the lighter side to not overshadow the rest of the house’s décor. 

However, many Master Bedrooms can benefit from dark accents or darker furniture pieces. 

Adding dark furniture is a great way to ensure that the Master Bedroom does not appear too light and uninteresting.

That is because it creates the perfect balance between light and dark. 

If you already have light-colored furnishing in your Master Bedroom but still feel like you need more balance, try adding a darker accent wall behind your bed.

You could as well put a dark area rug under your bed for a pop of color and sophistication.

Choose Master Bedroom Furnishings that Reflect Your Personality

What is the Master Bedroom, if not a place to rest and relax? 

Homeowners often use master Bedrooms to escape from their day-to-day stressors through personal relaxation activities.

Such activities include reading, writing in a journal, or watching media. 

Master Bedroom furnishings reflect an aspect of the homeowner’s personality because they reflect their preferences and enhance relaxation efforts. 

For example, consider purchasing a small bookshelf if you like to read in your Master Bedroom but do not have an excellent spot to sit down with all your books organized nearby.

Contemporary master bedroom with bed and a bookshelf
If you love reading, you should definitely buy a bookshelf!

Put it near your Master Bed to keep all your Master Bedroom reading materials organized and within easy reach.

Master Bedroom Ideas Should Focus on Maximizing Space   

Master Bedrooms should be designed in such a way that it feels complete and not incomplete.

You should be able to stand in one corner of your Master bedroom and feel like there’s nothing else you need,

Rather than thinking, where did I put this, or what am I missing? 

Master Bedrooms with design elements that maximize Master bedroom space will increase the value of your home.

Include en suite Bathrooms in Your Master Bedroom Ideas

Master bathrooms are now taking center stage in Master bedroom ideas.

Try to include an en suite bathroom whenever possible. 

Bathroom and bedroom in luxury modern ,master bedroom ideas
En suite bathrooms increase your home’s value

En suite bathrooms in master bedrooms have increased home value by up to $10,000 compared to Master bedrooms without.

Add Large Walk-in Closets to Your Master Bedroom Ideas

When Master Bedrooms have large walk-in closets, they increase the resale value of a home considerably. 

Master Bedroom walk-in closets allow potential buyers to see exactly how much storage space you have.

That increases their desire to buy your home.

They also give buyers ample storage space to put their clothes and things once they move into the home.

Master closets should be broad and spacious, making it easier to fit all your Master bedroom essentials. 

Large Master closets will increase the value of your Master bedroom because they create a place for everything and thus make everything easier to find!

Incorporate Sliding Doors Master Bedroom Ideas

Sliding doors offer more space and light than traditional doors.

living room with open sliding door and sofa on background - 3d rendering
A sliding door would work for your master bedroom too

That also increases the amount of natural sunlight that comes into your Master bedroom throughout the day. 

Sliding doors are a great way to save space and maintain privacy without compromising Master bedroom aesthetics.

Master bedrooms with entryways through French or pocket doors will increase the value of your home significantly.

Add an Office Area

If you work from home, adding an office area is one of the master bedroom ideas you ought to consider.

You can work on anything related to your business, such as writing blog posts or sending emails.

Master bedrooms with a designated workspace will improve your productivity at home.

They enable you to work in a calm environment rather than at the kitchen table.

An office will exponentially increase your home’s value.

Add Décor to Your Master Bedroom Ideas

Master bedroom decor has to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed when designing your master suite. 

Master bedrooms should encompass a majority of the house’s square footage and not just 50%. 

The master suite takes up 50%, while the other rooms take up 100%. 

Master bedrooms decorated per their size will increase the value of your home.


Artwork is a must-have in your master bedroom ideas.

Add Artwork that is Well-Suited for Your Master Bedroom.   

Pastel master bedroom ideas with contemporary artworks and stylish furniture
Artwork is a must have in your master bedroom ideas.

Incorporating artwork into your master bedroom’s design scheme is a great way to incorporate color, texture, and pattern into one cohesive theme. 

Different textures from different art pieces can make a simple statement piece pop out.

That is without overwhelming the eye or conflicting with the rest of the master bedroom’s design elements. 

master bedrooms that showcase artwork will significantly increase the value of your home.

Remove any Carpeting or Outdated Flooring

Outdated carpeting such as old rugs is a complete turnoff. and 

Consider replacing it with marble tile, wood flooring, or luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). 

Luxury vinyl tiles are inexpensive and easy to install over concrete floors. 

LVT is durable and resistant to stains and scratches from everyday use. 

This upgrade improves the Master Bedroom’s appearance by providing a polished surface.

It also serves as noise reduction material that reduces foot traffic sounds traveling throughout the entire master bedroom.

Replace Your Master Bedroom Door

Master Bedroom Doors rarely upgrade when it comes to increasing your home’s value. 

Replacing doors is not as cheap or easy as purchasing new bedding or furniture.

However, the upgraded door will also make a strong impression on potential buyers. 

Try looking for solid wood doors rather than hollow core interior doors. 

Solid wood door for master bedroom ideas
Try a solid wood door. You’ll love it

Wood doors tend to be more expensive, but potential buyers immediately recognize them as quality materials that affect resale value. 

Alternatively, you can look for less expensive but still high-quality options. 

If you feel like upgrading the door to your Master Bedroom, it is advisable to replace the master bedroom door frame too.


The master bedroom is the space that represents your personality and lifestyle. 

Whether you want to create a relaxing oasis or an energizing sanctuary, it’s essential to make sure everything in this room matches what you’re trying to convey. 

You can do so by following our ideas here on the perfect Master Bedroom Ideas for ultimate relaxation or productivity.

Have you already started implementing these ideas? 

Please share with us! 

We would love to see pictures of all the rooms we’ve helped transform into more chic spaces than ever before!

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