Wallpaper can make or break the design of any room. 

I couldn’t find a suitable wallpaper for my living room. 

I wanted to get something that would make me go, “WOW!” 

But with such an expansive selection of wallpaper on the market, it was hard to decide what style I liked.

I finally found one I liked and showed it off to my roommate.

He knew almost immediately why he didn’t want the pattern: 

“The colors are too muddy.” 

He proceeded to pick up his phone and show me ten other similar patterns.

They were better in terms of the color palette. 

It took us all night, but we eventually agreed on one design we loved.

That is why I put together this list of 15+ best wallpapers for living rooms so you can find the perfect one.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional, modern, colorful, or muted, there’s a pattern here to suit every taste! Enjoy!

Wall Pops Wallpaper

Wall Pops is the original, self-adhesive peel and stick wallpaper designed by a husband and wife.

The couple has over 20 years combined experience in advertising, design, and marketing.

They decided to create their own business in 2010 in Los Angeles. 

Their goal was to remove the stress of remodeling when you relocate or redesign your space without sacrificing style. 

Wall hangings that provided nearly instant gratification were always magical to behold. 

Wall Pops brings back “magical” in this modern world to any surface you choose.

The wallpaper has a modern and clean design that can bring a fantastic look in minutes. 

The company created wall Pops Wallpaper even before the current trend of using removable wall décor was brought into popularity by IKEA.

Wall Pops has been around for over six years! 

Wall graphics have seen a resurgence because they’re more accessible than ever to apply to any surface.

Advantages of Wall Pops Wallpaper

Helpful Tips from Professional Designers About Using Wall Pops:

  1. You don’t have to worry about measuring, cutting, or matching patterns! Wall pops are one-piece and easy to put up. 
  2. This type of wallpaper only needs the backing paper removed, and then apply it on your wall and smoothen out any bubbles with a credit card.
  3. Wall pops look great on furniture, too: chairs, cabinets, tables, and desks. 
  4. You can use wall pops as stencils or masks – save money by reusing those stencils you bought for painting those cool designs on your walls! 
  5. How? It’s easy. Place them on top of Wall Pops to paint over them with acrylic paints.
  6. Wall pops do not damage the surface of the furniture they’re applied onto, but it is advisable that once finished, you should use no weight to the Wall Pop Wallpaper for 24 hours.
  7. Wall pops can be removed by slowly peeling off starting at any point on the wallpaper.
  8. You can also use a hairdryer or heat gun; then, pick up some of the paper backings, and it should peel right off then!
  9. Even wet soap and warm water work too!
  10. If you’re moving, don’t worry about wall pops leaving marks on your new walls – they won’t damage the new space as regular wallpaper would!
  11. Wall Pops can be repositioned if needed, but only while the Wall pop is still fresh. 
  12. Once dried (about 2 hours), wall pops cannot easily change position without ruining them. 
  13. If you apply wall pops to furniture, they will not damage the surface. Wall pops are printable with eco-solvent inks that last 7+ years!
  14. For more information about Wall Pops Wallpaper, check out the Wall Pops website!
  15. Have you tried Wall Pops Wallpaper? What do you think? Please feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below!

Two Different Looks Wallpaper

The living room is a place where you can showcase your style and sense of self. 

It’s the first thing people see when they walk in, so it needs to be inviting and stylish! 

You want it to have a calming effect but also make guests feel at home. 

A wall covering with different patterns will give your living room two different looks, which can make your guests think they are inside two separate rooms. 

One way to do it is by creating stripes on one section of the wall, contrasting with floral wallpaper.

Wallpaper with vertical stripes is becoming increasingly popular in living rooms.

Stripes wallpaper design is one classic Wallpaper design. 

It is easy to apply. 

Wallpapers in stripes give you creative touch to your living room’s walls. 

You can use different color combinations along with striped Wallpaper print for creative living room decorating ideas. 

There are available in various colors, styles, widths, and textures, which you can choose according to your room size and furniture set up in your living room.

Wallpaper Wall Decals

Child bedroom with wall decal wallpaper
Wall Decal

Wall decals are an economical way of updating the look of your walls without investing too much time or money into them. 

You can use wall decals to create beautiful patterns on your wall, give a funky vibe to the room by using some bright colors, or they can be used simply as art pieces if you put them strategically on the wall. 

Wall decal ideas include words like “live, laugh, love,” and they usually don’t take more than 15 minutes to complete once you find what you like. 

Wall decals are great because they are easy to remove and replace with another wall décor whenever you like.

You can arrange in different ways to create an exciting look for the room, such as placing wallpaper over your existing wallpaper (when you don’t feel like stripping it all down) or taping them on top of each other. 

Wallpaper is removable, which means that if you get sick of the pattern at any point, you could easily remove it without damaging your wall.

Black Wallpaper in Living Room

black-classic-living-room wallpaper
Living room with black wallpaper

3D Wallpaper

The most original type of wallpaper that you can find is 3d wallpapers because they change your living room completely.

As soon as you enter it, you will have an impression of being somewhere else. 

It is perfect if you have some odd-shaped walls or windows because these types of Wallpaper Ideas for the Living rooms provide amusement and allow them to feel independent. 

3d wallpapers give the impression of space because they imitate architectural features. 

They fool your eyes into seeing something other than what is there. 

Wall Stickers use highly stylized images and 3-D illustrations as wallpaper ideas for living rooms to create this effect. 

In addition, 3D wallpapers come in a large variety of materials such as wood panels, fabric textures & stone finishes.

That makes them suitable for any style from traditional to modern living room decorating ideas.

Wallpaper as Wall Art

Wall art is a new way of decorating your living room walls, and it’s also the cheapest one.

All you need to do is buy some Wallpaper and paste it on top of your wall.

Wallpapers like these can make the living room look modern and stylish, and they will help you give a new look to any existing, dull partition.

Wall Art
A wall Art will definitely do!

Mix several wallpaper prints with wallpaper or choose a metallic finish; both options will create an exciting look in your living room.

You can also use “mixed media” wallpaper by combining different materials such as fabric, metal, wood, etc., which gives the wall a lot of texture.

Use wallpapers in several different ways.

You can choose a wallpaper that goes all the way up to the ceiling, wallpaper that only covers one wall, or wallpapering just a part of your living room wall.

Photo Wall Art

If you have a knack for photography or would just like a photo of your family as a Wallpaper Decal,

You could print your favorite photos and put them on the wall.

You can arrange them in different shapes or form a collage to make the most out of your Wallpaper Wall Decals.

Wallpaper with Animal Prints

One of the most popular Wallpaper for living rooms is animal prints which are usually associated with glamour and luxury.

Leopard is one of the most famous patterns to use as wallpaper for living rooms, but it also comes in many other forms such as zebra, leopard, or cheetah print.

Monochrome leopard Print wallpaper
Leopard print pattern

You shouldn’t have any problem finding what you want within this theme.

One thing about using Wallpaper Wall Decals of animals is that they may give off a powerful impression of luxury and glamour.

So you’ll want to make sure that all your Wallpaper Wall Decals have this in mind.

Quotes as Wallpapers

If you want your living room to say more about yourself than just looking pretty, quotes are the way to go.

Wall decals can be turned Wallpaper Wall Decal quotes.

That means that you could place them on the wall and rearrange them to create different Wallpaper, Wall Art.

Quotes usually look very professional when done correctly; they’re also easy to find since many are available online.

Do not print out your own Wallpaper Wall Art or Wall Murals with quotes since these stunning effects work best when they don’t appear pixelated. I.e. (they should look like a painting).

Checkered Patterns

If you’re looking for a wallpaper that will be easy to match and complement with your living room, then you should go for checkered patterns.

From modern, vintage, and even traditional designs – they’re perfect wallpapers for living rooms.

What makes them great is their wide variety of patterns and colors – meaning you’ll find the perfect design to match your home’s style. 

Checkered floor pattern
Checkered floor pattern

They are also available in many different sizes.

Still, if you’re not sure what size would fit your walls, then it’s best to get this information from the store first before making your purchase.

You could as well speak to professionals at Wallpapermart

You can use checkered patterns on any part of the wall, including feature walls, headboards, ceilings, etc. Whatever suits your needs!

Cross Stitch Pattern on Wallpapers

The cross stitch pattern on wallpapers is another theme that’s becoming increasingly modern within living rooms.

That is due to its simplicity.

Cross stich works better than Wall Art or Wall Murals when you use decals to relieve a large wall surface.

Wall decals with this theme don’t have to be exact cross-stitch patterns but can also be creative variations of them.

That means that you won’t have to worry about it looking too outdated or boring in a few years from now.

Wallpapers with Sweet Patterns on Them

When users think of wallpapers with sweet patterns, they usually picture Pink Roses.

Still, there are plenty of other ideas worth considering as well.

An example is Valentine’s heart prints or different Wall Decals such as Wall Art.

Wallpaper Wall Designs are another idea worth considering in this case.

They will create a fantastic effect when placed on a light blue or pink wall surface – especially when combined with sweet patterns on them.

Wallpapers with Nature Patterns on Them

When looking at designs, you’ll see that there are plenty of options to choose from especially on wallpapers with nature patterns on them.

But without a doubt, the most popular themes here are leaf prints and autumn tones (in case you like fall motifs).

Beautiful rowan with rich red berries. Nature pattern background.
Red berries. Nature pattern

Suppose you want to go for something different than what most people choose.

In that case, wall art is a great option as well.

Although not as popular as Wallpapers with Nature Patterns on Them Wall Decals, are also very commonly used in this case.

Wallpaper with Elegant Patterns on Them

There’s no doubt that Wallpaper Wall Designs will create a luxurious look.

That is especially when combined with other elegant patterns such as Swirls or Roses and contrasting colors such as black, white, and gold.

The most common type of wallpaper is one that is printed or painted directly onto the wall surface.

There are other types as well which include tiles, cladding boards, and wood veneers attached to the wall using an adhesive.

Wallpaper can also be found embossed or paneled; these two styles are not as widely used as other types.

That is because they involve much more detailed work than other types of wallpapers.

Wallpaper with elegant patterns for living rooms can come in a wide variety of styles and designs.

Such styles include floral themes that mimic the natural look of flowers.

Wallpaper with Geometric Patterns

You can also use wallpapers in geometrical designs like circles, hexagons, and triangles in your living room to give creative design ideas. 

3D Illustration. Abstract hexagonal structure with bright energy light breaking through the cracks. Futuristic and technology concept.
Hexagonal geometric pattern

Wallpapers with swirls and bubbles create a casual look that can give life to your living room walls. 

Large-scale prints add drama and glamour to the décor of any area it is applied. 

Wallpapers like florals, damasks, graphic elements, etc., are suitable for country-style homes.

Contemporary Wallpapers go well with modern style interiors. 

Wallpaper-like natural elements like trees, flowers, etc., give you design ideas for cottage homes with an artistic touch.

Wallpapers in textured prints are ideal for ideas with a vintage look.

In contrast, wallpaper with metallic patterns gives a mirror-like appearance which you can use at entry or dining areas of your living room.

Wallpapers printed on grass cloth, suede, leather, etc., give design ideas an exotic feel.

Wallpaper with Floral Pattern 

Wallpapers in floral patterns are trendy.

They add a subtle decorative touch to your living room’s walls along with providing you with Wallpaper decorating inspiration. 

When combined with other elements like cushions and lighting, you can use large-scale wallpaper to transform your living room into a verdant garden. 

Creative floral pattern of daisy flowers on a pink background. Top view.
Creative floral pattern of daisy flowers on a pink background.

Floral wallpaper prints come in various colors, styles, and sizes, which you can choose according to your preferences. 

Large-sized florals are perfect design ideas for living room walls to add decoration ideas with a touch of natural beauty.

You can use wallpapers containing images of flowers or petals for inspiration for country-style living room designs.

Wallpapers in Stripes and Floral Design 

Wallpapers in checkered or striped patterns combined with wallpaper in floral prints are another contemporary decorating idea.

You can use them in your living room to give wallpaper design inspiration.

You can enhance the effect by painting complementary colors on the wall around the wallpaper. 

That gives you Wallpaper decors that look stunning when applied at entryways, dining areas, or large spaces like living rooms.

You can also use wallpaper to define different areas of your living room, such as creating a lounge area with sofas and ottomans decorated with pillows having Wallpaper designs.

You can use wallpapers in different colors and designs on other walls of your living room to add Wallpaper decoration ideas for a modern look.

Wall Murals 

Murals are popular designs that give unique ideas to any home décor owing to their realistic looks. 

You can choose from various mural themes that include flowers, birds, fish, country scenes, and abstract pieces.

Decorative chandelier above designed table in living room with grey mural on wall
Living room with grey mural

That depends on the interior of your living room. 

Achieve a vintage look by using old antique maps as murals, while the renter’s wallpaper designs go well with modern-style homes.

Murals are easy to apply and remove.

Stone Wallpaper

Stone wallpaper designs give an illusion that stones or bricks are on your living room walls. 

It gives the appearance of a more spacious room. Stone Wallpaper is best for living rooms with limited ideas for small spaces.

Grey stone wall background, pattern with different geometric shapes.
Stone Wallpaper

Stone wallpaper patterns are prevalent among homeowners who want ideas for small spaces.

Wallpaper with Texture 

If you’re looking for a different design, but upon a budget, then you should go for wallpapers with texture! 

The designs might be similar but still, have a different feel because of the texture. 

Wallpapers with texture are available in many different types, including silk, faux suede, cork, linen, etc.

You can either choose a solid color or Wallpaper with Animal Prints to give decorating ideas that would match the rest of your home’s design perfectly.

Wallpaper ideas for living room textures are also good if you have children around, so they don’t bother with wall decals & wall stickers.

Just pick the right texture & wallpaper size & you’re all set!

Why a Wallpaper?

  1. Wallpaper is more accessible to apply than ever, and it’s much more versatile today, too. 
  2. Wallpaper is now available in “decal” form, making it easy to install without paste or water. 
  3. You can use wallpaper on almost any surface, not just paper-covered walls. 
  4. It also comes in vinyl sheets that are ideal for cabinets and furniture–even cars!
  5. Wallpaper adds color and character to your bedroom, bathroom, study nook, or kitchen cabinets. 
  6. You can use wallpaper as a backdrop for your bed or even behind your entertainment center — the possibilities are endless!
  7. Wall decorating has never been this flexible.
  8. Wallpaper can turn an ordinary room into something special, whether you are in the market for wallpaper for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen.
  9. Wallpapers are available in many different tones, from light pastel colors to bright primaries.
  10. Wallpaper for living rooms also comes in several types, from heavy embossed textures to washable vinyl, making cleaning up stains or spills easy. 
  11. Wallpapering your living room gives you a chance to make a bold design statement without having to paint the walls.
  12.  Wallpaper can completely transform a space by creating an entirely new feeling and atmosphere.
  13. Wallpaper can add life and brightness to any room in your home.
  14. They also provide insulation against noise or sounds from outside.
  15. So if you live or work in a noisy area, adding wallpaper with noise-canceling abilities would help reduce the levels of noise pollution. 
  16. The texture of the wallpaper also makes the room warmer and cozier.


You should have a beautiful living room to enjoy. 

The way it looks can make all the difference in your mood and comfort, so don’t settle for anything less than what you want!

If there’s a problem with a wall or two that needs some sprucing up, consider getting wallpaper as an option. 

Wallpapers come in all sorts of patterns, from geometric shapes to plants and flowers on them – you’ll indeed find one that suits your taste. 

And if not? Framed prints are also great options because they give any space character without taking away from its functionality! 

It’s easy to get lost if you’re looking at too many options, so we’ve compiled our 15+ best picks which will make you say WOW!  

We hope this blog post was helpful and informative; now go start shopping for your perfect new home décor!

What pattern will be first for you?

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