Kitchen appliances are the unsung heroes of any home. 

Take it from Oprah.

She has her line of kitchen appliances and loves them so much that she gave one set away on her show! 

You’re a mom. You have your hands full with little ones, work, school, and other commitments. 

There’s never enough time in the day to plan meals or cook for your family. 

The last thing you want is another kitchen appliance taking up precious counter space. But what if this one was worth it?  

What should you buy? How much will you use it? 

We’ve decided to compile a list of must-have kitchen appliances for those who want an easier time in the kitchen.

So please sit back and relax as we give you our top 15 picks that every home cook needs.

You Must Include a Blender in Your Kitchen appliances

Use it to make quick work of blending ingredients. 

You can make smoothies, dips, soups, salad dressings, and more with a blender. 

A good blender will break down fruits and vegetables quickly and easily.

A high-powered blender will even be able to blend through the ice. 

Blenders are easy to use and clean, making them an attractive option for any cook.

You might want to purchase Ninja Personal blender. The appliance is very affordable!

Add a Kitchen Scale to Your List of Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen scales are another must-have kitchen appliance for the busy home cook. 

Kitchen scales are great for measuring ingredients in both wet and dry measures. 

I use my kitchen scale to weigh my meat before cooking, portion out servings, and when baking to measure flour. 

When buying a Kitchen scale, make sure that it has at least an 11-pound capacity (5 kg). 

Kitchen scales will also have a tare function. 

The tare function allows you to place an empty bowl on the Kitchen Scale and reset the scale back to zero so that you can measure ingredients directly in the bowl. 

Kitchen scales are straightforward to use and clean. Kitchen scales also have an extensive range of prices.

They are affordable, and you can even find high-quality options at thrift stores.

You Need a Stand Mixer with Attachments in Your Kitchen Appliances

A mixer is a must-have kitchen appliance for any cook who loves to bake. 

Mixers have been around since 1919, and they’ve brought joy to home cooks ever since. 

Kitchen stand mixers are durable, powerful machines that can handle just about any task you throw their way. 

Stand mixer. Kitchen appliances
For the bakers!

They have a variety of attachments available, so you can expand their functionality beyond just mixing dough. 

Use stand mixers for kneading bread dough, to slice potatoes and onions for French fries, shredded vegetables such as carrots and zucchinis, and even make pasta. 

Stand mixers are perfect for families because everyone can get involved in the cooking process.

These stand mixers can be pretty heavy, so many include wheels at the bottom of the mixer that easily roll from the pantry to the counter. 

Some may even include storage space in the cabinets, so you can neatly stow away your stand mixer and its attachments.

Slow Cooker

A slow cooker (also known as a crock-pot) is an essential appliance in the kitchen during cold months when comfort food like soups, stews, and pot roasts are desirable. 

There are several benefits of adding a slow cooker to your kitchen appliances versus other cooking methods. 

First, slow cookers are low maintenance because there is no need for supervision or stirring during cooking. 

Second, they simplify the dinner process because they free up time for workers to do things outside of the kitchen. 

The most important thing to consider when buying kitchen appliances is size. 

The average slow cooker holds between 4 and 7 quarts, with some able to accommodate upwards of 9 or 10 quarts of food.

That makes it perfect for weekend meal prep or cooking large batches of soup that last all week long.

It’s the perfect addition to kitchen appliances.

Our Choice of a slow cooker is Crock-Pot which you can get for just $39!

Add a Food Processor to Your Kitchen Appliances

A food processor is another must-have kitchen appliance for any cook. 

This appliance makes light work out of chopping and shredding ingredients quickly and easily. 

With enough capacity to handle large batches of food, processors can help you chop fresh veggies for your healthy salads and diced onions in seconds so you can cook your dish with ease. 

There are food processors available at less than $90

Microwave Oven

The microwave oven is one of the most common kitchen appliances found in modern homes across America. 

A microwave oven can be a quick way to heat food or cook some dishes. 

You can also use it to defrost ingredients and make them ready for recipes. 

The best part is that microwaves are easy to use and easy to clean so that anyone can operate them with ease.

An affordable microwave you can get for less than $85.

Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens are very similar to microwaves in many ways. 

They are both small appliances that you use to heat food, although they work differently.

toaster oven
Toaster oven

Instead of using microwave technology to heat food, a toaster oven uses radiant heat. 

That makes it great for cooking and heating foods without drying them out. 

It’s also a suitable appliance if you want to cook food quickly without heating the entire kitchen.

An Electric Skillet Is a Must-Have in Your Kitchen Appliances

Electric skillets are great kitchen appliances for being able to cook an entire meal all at once. 

Some models have a removable cooking pan, making clean-up more manageable and allowing for thorough ingredients mixing.

An electric skillet is perfect when you need many items cooking at once and great for limited storage as it does not use up a lot of space.

Whether it’s a full dinner or breakfast for the morning after, an electric skillet can help you prepare and cook several dishes simultaneously. 

Don’t worry about heating your kitchen; these units don’t release much heat at all.

That makes them perfect for the sweltering summer days. 

Also, an electric skillet can help you get out of the kitchen quickly when needed instead of standing over a hot stove for hours.

In addition to the convenience it affords, an electric skillet is a great conversation starter as well.

Just think about the look of wonder on your neighbor’s face when they walk into your fully decked-out kitchen with stove, oven, and electric skillet in full view.

Rice Cooker

Rice is a staple food in many cultures, and it’s consumed on just about every continent, except for Antarctica. 

The best thing about rice is that it’s incredibly versatile, and you can prepare it in various ways to accommodate many different tastes.

Rice cookers are perfect kitchen appliances for families who eat rice every day because the process of cooking becomes automated. 

Measure out the rice and water, press start, and forget about it until you hear the beep.

There are also valuable minerals found in rice that can seep into the water.

They create a tasty broth at the bottom of the cooker, so it’s not just plain white rice.

For the rice cooker go for at least 6 cups+ Black Decker is selling for just $18.

Buy one before prices Hike

Don’t Forget Omelet Maker. It’s a perfect Add-on to Kitchen Appliances

Omelets are one of those dishes that seem simple, but you could spend your lifetime trying to perfect them. 

If you’re not much of a morning person and would rather sleep in a little later on the weekends, you should invest in an omelet maker.

Preparing omelets with this machine is as easy as cracking eggs into a bowl, adding your favorite ingredients at the right moment, and pressing down two levers. 

The whole thing has a timer, so you don’t have to sit over a hot stove for forty minutes while you wait for your breakfast.

Waffle Iron

A waffle iron is a must-have kitchen appliance for any cook. 

The recipe possibilities are practically endless.

The best part about owning a waffle iron is that you can enjoy your homemade recipe in a fraction of the time.

It would take you a lot of time if you were to make it from scratch. 

For example, cooking a single pancake takes almost half an hour when using traditional stovetop heating methods, but just six minutes when using a waffle maker! 

I love waffles! Don’t you?

You will save time and energy with this fantastic appliance and create perfectly cooked meals every time!

You need a Juicer in Your Kitchen Appliances

A juicer may seem like an unnecessary luxury for the average household cook. 

However, knowing what’s in your food is essential to many people these days especially when you have small children.

A juicer is among the most bought kitchen appliances. 

There are various reasons for buying a juicer. Some people are aware of the benefits of drinking juice.

Others are interested in getting the beverage to quench their thirst or refresh themselves during summertime or after workouts. 

Juicers can be very costly.

However, You can get a good one for less than $100

Either way, there are many benefits associated with this device. 

Coffee Maker or Espresso Machine

Yes, you can live without a coffee maker or an espresso machine. 

You can go to a coffee shop or buy a cup of coffee every morning.

If that is something, you enjoy then, by all means, go and do it!

For most people, this is not an option. 

More specifically, the caffeine in coffee, coffee wakes us up and gets us going in the mornings. 

Coffee maker
Coffee gets you going in the morning

There is nothing like waking up and having freshly brewed coffee ready to drink.

An espresso machine makes espresso and only espressos. 

They are typically pretty expensive, but there are some great ones on the market for reasonable prices. 

If you like your coffee but don’t want to make espresso every morning, a simple coffee maker will do. 

One that is programmable or has an auto-start function.

That is so you can wake up and have it ready for you by the time you finish getting ready for work.

Who Doesn’t Have an Electric Kettle in Their Kitchen Appliances?

It is a must-have kitchen appliance because it is used daily in the home. These kitchen appliances are handy because they save time. 

They also help prepare beverages quickly and efficiently by bringing water to the perfect temperature when poured over coffee or tea selections.

Many people make their morning cup of joe at home with traditional coffee makers.

Using an electric kettle is the best way to get the water heated up for the coffee machine. 

An electric tea kettle works great for making sure that your food items cook thoroughly.

It is one of the cheapest kitchen appliances you can buy.

I Always Have a Pressure Cooker in My List of Kitchen Appliances

Well, when it’s time for Kitchen Appliances, there is one that always wins: A Pressure Cooker. 

They might look like something out of a sci-fi movie (or an episode of MacGyver), but they’re pretty amazing.

A pressure cooker can prepare food quickly by building up steam under high pressure. 

They are also super easy to clean because they do most of the work for you! 

The secret behind what makes them so great is that they can prepare food with moisture, lock in flavor, and make it more tender.

And guess what? Kitchen appliances like pressure cookers are not expensive either! 

Why You Must Have These Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances come in all different shapes and sizes, offering you preference.

Some Kitchen Appliances can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but others are surprisingly affordable. 

Kitchen appliances often use technology that makes them very efficient, so this money goes towards your cooking time savings instead!

So what does this mean for The Busy Home Cook? 

A pressure cooker will help you save time by cutting down the cooking times of foods.

That means less time spent on preparation and more time doing other things. 

It also means Kitchen Appliances like a pressure cooker will help you save money on your electric bill.

You can use kitchen appliances like a pressure cooker with less energy! 

For most people who love trying new recipes, owning kitchen appliances also expands your options for healthy eating. 

Kitchen appliances can help boost nutrient intake by increasing the number of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds included in every meal.

These kitchen appliances are worth getting if you want something that helps you quickly prepare food.

That which helps save time throughout the day.


If you’re having trouble figuring out what to buy, let us help. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite appliances that make cooking and baking easier for everyone! 

From blenders to slow cookers, we can’t recommend these kitchen gadgets enough. 

What are your top recommendations? 

Let’s talk more about them in the comments below or reach out via email at

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